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Attention: 5 predictions for the development trend of children's books in 2018.
  What books do children read in 2018? Scholastic editors made a five-point predictio...
[ 2018/1/11 ]More>>
European scholars appeal: pay attention to the reading of paper literature books.
  With the popularity of e-readers and smart phones, more and more people are using e...
[ 2018/1/11 ]More>>
The intelligent age robot walked to the door of the printing factory.
  Today, in certain professional fields, as long as there are robots, the quality is ...
[ 2018/1/11 ]More>>
What will happen in 2018 when the printing industry is under the shadow of rising prices?
  In 2017, as the paper of important raw materials in the printing process continue...
[ 2018/1/11 ]More>>
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