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Optimize printing process and reduce the cost

Time:2018/1/11Posted:T & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd

With the coming of information age, the printing company is facing crisis, cost of raw material is higher and higher, and the printing product market price is more and more low, fewer and fewer profits for enterprise. In additional, office expenses and personnel cost and tax, more of a compressed the printing enterprise survival space. There is also increasingly fierce market competition in the same industry, and enterprise are only left with internal cost compression to improve their profits. The internal cost compression requires that the printing process should be optimized rationally, and every link of production should be arranged so that more economic benefits can be achieved only by increasing production efficiency.


Optimize the way of printing process.

Paper is the most important raw material in printing, and ink is a very important standard for printing quality. Except to choose the paper reasonable and adjust ink well, the other important thing is the manager must arrange and coordinate the printing work, completes the inspection sampling.


1.    Optimization of paper.

1)    Optimizing the selection of raw material in the printing products, the biggest raw material is paper, there have a cultured to use different paper for different product. Such as books and textbooks, they use different paper. Not only meet the needs of visual effect, but also reduce the paper cost reasonable. Reasonable selection of paper materials is also a key to optimize printing products. Though same material paper, the price would difference while the grams and size are difference. The same paper, it would more weight when it is thicker, then price would higher. The bigger the paper the waste is more. If you print a book need to use small size paper, but select a more big size paper, then mean the bigger the more expensive it is.

2)    Reasonable grasp the paper opening and optimize book binding paper is requirements of opening incision can’t leave a lot of blank, and reduce the irregular paper, that means waste material must be controlled, can’t lose too much. Not only let binding looks beautiful, but also reduce the paper cost.

3)    Reasonable choice of cover size, must design the cover according to the paper parameters, too large or too small would affect the beauty of the book. In general, the mouth of the book should be designed slightly larger, or it will result in waste of paper. The so-called thin profit, printing industry is the same, the large amount of money can gain more revenue, the printing industry profit is really not high, if the quantity does not reach a certain amount it is difficult to obtain profits.


2.    The management person shall arrange and coordinate the work reasonably and check the sampling and inspection.

1)    Arrange the printing reasonable, usually the factory would have a lot of printing machine, but the same specification of the printing works operate on the same machine would better, this not only ensures the printing quantity, also save time. When arrange printing progress, the workers can not corners, any problem would lead to the printing quality do not have guaranteed.

2)    As we know, printing products have a high requirement about the ink, the ink quality would affect readers’ visual perception directly, more or less would affect the quality. During printing, ink monitoring is very important. The management staff of printing should be real-time monitoring on the ink quality, to improve the efficiency of the use of ink, at the same time help to print the whole show. To control ink quality scientific and reasonable is the premise of quality control, which is also an important factor in the quality of printed matter.

3)    To check the sampling and inspection of the printed instrument, the worker must test as much variation as possible, and the test samples are the mark that measures the state of the printing press. In the operation, if the staff finds the deviation, it must be adjusted immediately, and guarantee that the printed product does not have problem, if the problem is not corrected in time. In the actual work process, sampling and inspection work is combined with each other, promote each other, sampling is mainly refers to random inspection, it is also optimize the basic requirement of printing technology, as well as to reduce the printing cost.


3.    Improve the overall quality of the printing staff.

In the new economic situation, skills become an important factor of production and play a role in their respective fields. In the printing industry, although the progress of science and technology is digital printing as a future trend, but for the most important school peer process, the role of people has never been underestimated, or even become more important. Especially the digital printing is rapid development now, the overall quality of the printing staff more stringent quality and efficiency of printing. Firstly, printing staff is often the work staff, for printing the basic skills and procedures need to be learned by heart, this is the basic skills and procedures need to be learned by heart, this is the basic skills and procedures need to be learned by heart, this is the basic guarantee to enhance the efficiency of. Secondly, the cultivation of high-quality printing talents is conductive to innovative printing workflow, improve efficiency. Whether the printing process or printing process, are constantly innovative, and often these innovations are mostly derived from the innovative thinking of business personnel, which will greatly reduce the printing costs of enterprises. Third, the establishment of the printing factory exchange mechanism, printing personnel need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, in order to enable enterprises not to break away from the market.


4.    Use internet thinking to optimize print design.

The Internet economy booming for the printing industry to bring new development motivation, printing technology in recent years has been improved, especially in terms of design, we abandon the traditional complex design style, to the fresh and simple design aesthetics. The direct influence of design style on printing is the decrease of cost, more attention to environmental protection, and no more flowery collocation. At the same time, the enterprises have established online channels, the Internet thinking mode of printing strategy also brings the corresponding adjustment, which will undoubtedly greatly increase the user’s liking, meanwhile reduce printing cost obviously.

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