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Printing companies, in a different way, talk about managing those things.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd

Recently, a paper entitled "don't think oneself is a sell cake" article is sought after by everyone, is a company to do annual meeting to find food suppliers, company specializing in the afternoon tea can't provide the layout, a starting my own business, can decorate a space but can't development ticket, only a third possible details are not perfect, but can provide a full range of space layout and creative planning better, of course also can open formal invoice, natural third bid. The conclusion is two points: we are not only selling products, but selling "product + service + emotion" solution; We need to stand in the customer's use scene to sell what he needs.


I often make the mistake of thinking that I am a cake seller. When I was talking to a customer about the folding process and materials, he looked at me in disbelief and said, what is a burst? I just realized that this is a tea sales company's marketing manager, he just want to know what kind of folding form and materials of brochures, to buy tea was impressed by the customer, he needs to know where folding of vocabulary?


I can offer a customer the folding processing fees has been completed, but because of a visit to the who is responsible for the delivery problems discussed more than 10 minutes, finally customer angrily say: that I came to see the driver delivery. Although my heart is steadfast think I didn't charge customer delivery fees, so I was right, but my heart is clear, may be because of this problem, I lost this customer forever.


And I had the pleasure of visiting a joint printing company in Beijing, which gave me a little bit more advice on "don't think you're a cake seller". The company has three floors, and each room, like a classroom, is a project team, such as business CARDS, business brochures, recipes, PVC CARDS, inkjet stickers, stickers, signs... The printed matter you can imagine in your life can be produced here. And the core area of the company is a computer room, such as stock exchange, every employee in front of the computer through the system audit clients order, and then assigned to each project team, the other end of the shock is the system connected to the Beijing area about 8000 computer graphic shop, clinch a deal of up to more than 600 customers every day.


There is no printing, so the picture and text store dare to accept the various living parts of customers; The low price enables the graphic shop to have the right profit space through design and service; Convenient client, only need one upload to complete the order, and can change three times in the middle; In the end, the company had a team of more than ten people delivering goods every morning, noon and night. From the perspective of the customer, there is no lack of printing, quick and convenient, from the point of view of the photo shop, there are products, word-of-mouth, and profitable symbiosis cooperation. That's why the company is worth tens of millions of dollars a year.


It may be the secret of commercial success to put the goods in the right service, and to stand in the customer's shoes to make your business worth it. And for my business, I do the first change is that when a customer consumption amount to 2000 yuan is the default delivery free of charge, and if enough amount, is the transportation price, even can list the detail of the standardized services of other offer, he only need you click for a customer. Familiar? Learning to, is known as the "express" the jingdong, it is because the logistics service excellence let jingdong stand out from the numerous B2C online mall, only with more perfect service to make products more competitive.

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