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The history and prospect of UV printing process.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd


UV printing is a UV drying, a kind of curing ink printing process, need to match the ink and UV curing lamp containing photosensitizer, UV ink has offset printing, silk screen, inkjet, pad printing, etc.


Industrial application of UV hardening technology began in the early 1960s, German wood company used for wood surface coating hardening. The world's first use of UV lithography was in the United States, and the UK was successfully used in 1970. Compared with traditional lithography, it is a very young new technology, but it has become a very important printing technology. In general, UV is not applied in printing, it is a kind of chemicals with UV light radiation, and the scale of chemical compositions containing "light starting agent (Photoinitiator)" by the stimulation of the UV light source, in a very short period of time (less than 1 second) to the chemicals contained in the "monomer (Polymer)" glue hardening reaction. "Radiation hardening technology (Radiation Curing)", commonly referred to as UV hardening (UV Curing). International will again "electron Beam hardening technology (Electronic Beam Curing)" belongs to the same kind, called the UV/EB Curing. UV hardening can be used in all kinds of traditional printing format, including letterpress, elastic letterpress (who), screen printing, lithography, as long as the use of UV ink, cooperate with the UV light source to complete the main part. Lithographic UV printing is the structure of lithographic printing, using UV printing ink, with UV light source, and of course some very important conditions of cooperation also need to be achieved at the same time. In addition to printing, the use of transparent materials for UV glazing is also widely used in the market.


As early as a few years ago, UV printing began to play an increasingly important role in promoting the sale of printed matter and enhancing the added value of the printing enterprise's products. As for the printing business of XXX, the profit has doubled and the success story is everywhere. Actually, the UV printing technology is widely used in the Nick of today's markets have been tired of the serious homogeneity competition, many industries are trying to rely on to build their own brands and styles, to establish their position in the market, so as to jump out the circle of cheap, low-end and price war. UV printing and UV glazing process is to achieve extraordinary and unconventional design through its unique sensory effects.

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