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common sense - family members and classification of CTP technology.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd


CTP are members of the family of four, namely, CTPlate, CTPress, CTProof and CTPaper/Print, in nature can be divided into two categories, namely in the plate directly imaging CTPlate and CTPress and direct imaging CTProof on substrates and CTPaper/Print.


Characteristic of the first kind of technology is the computer system of the Digital Page (Digital Page) directly into the plate, and then through the process of the traditional pressure will shift the plate on the graphic information on substrates (print), the end products in the process of the plate to become connected to the Digital Page and print medium of mediation; The latter type of technology is characterized by converting the digital pages in the computing system directly into a color hardcopy (sample, print) and no intermediary media like the printing plate.


From another perspective, represented by CTPlate and CTPress imaging technology in the plate directly belong to the traditional form plate, printing method by the pressure, is the inevitable extension of digital printing copy technology. This printing technology can still be perfectly explained from the traditional print definition, printing plate, pressure and replication are the three key words. However, represented by CTProof and CTPaper/Print on the substrates in the form of direct imaging technology is no longer use traditional plate or basically do not use the plate, is a Printing (Plateless Printing), and the role of the formation of the final image and without pressure, belong to the free surface Printing technology (NIPNon - impact Printing).


Obviously, printing, pressure and replication are no longer the key words of this type of printing, and of course the printing technology is unlikely to be fully explained from the traditional definition of print. But that does not mean it is necessary to discuss whether digital printing is in print.


In fact, this discussion doesn't make much sense, because whatever the point of view of the output of a digital printer, the output of a digital printer is indistinguishable from the traditional print. In this sense, perhaps it is time to consider modifying the printing definition itself. Due to the use of the printing plate, CTPlate and CTPress are still a kind of printing technology aimed at the public demand, relying on the same image from the same printing plate to obtain the advantage of price. However, CTProof and CTPaper/Print are not, it is a kind of printing technology for personalized needs, and the high added value of products can be realized by fast, personalized and diversified features.

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