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What happened to the printing industry in 2017? Ten keywords to tell you!

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd


Goodbye 2017, looking back on the past year, the printing industry continues to pursue the goals and tasks of the 13th five-year plan on the road of development, and meet the challenges in the hard times. This year the printing industry has experienced all sorts of things, let's go back to the old and welcome the New Year to review, ten key words to guide you to the printing industry in 2017!


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Increase in the price of paper


The rising tide of paper prices, which has been going on since the end of 2016, is still unbroken at the end of 2017. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2016, paper prices began to rise as the industry continued to eliminate backward production capacity and the implementation of environmental policies. In addition, wood pulp, waste paper pulp and other raw materials price rise, also for the paper price to climb to a small boost. But money can't buy paper, paper haven't events such as the delivery and price increase in packaging and printing circle don't know how many times, the enterprise cannot maintain normal operation, less than a piece of paper in his hand customer orders won't be able to delivery on schedule, bosses can not reach the designated position for paper every day.


There have also been news recently that it seems that the problem of 2018 is still not well alleviated. China pulp and paper research institute Cao Chun yu in the Chinese printing and printing equipment industries association of mark the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up trend about the series of activities that the future for a period of time, at least in 2018, the paper will also is in a state of high and volatile prices. For three reasons, one is that the import of waste paper is still strictly controlled; Second, the environmental protection cost of paper enterprises is higher and higher; Third, small and medium-sized enterprises have a weaker voice, and the market will be controlled by large enterprises. In order to avoid elimination, the printing industry should follow the market development and accelerate the direction of the Internet. In 2018, at the same time, there are market forecast said, wrapping paper markets around the world will be in high price, the electricity demand and the impact of environmental policies, high prices are likely to break through in different areas. In 2018, the paper market will need continuous attention!


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Environmental supervision


Stop production, limit production, rectify, punish... Make enterprises "refrain of" environmental protection supervision in just the past 2017 years have created a lot of to the enterprise, not to mention the economic consequences of the halt production, light is such a high frequency of the raids, let many enterprises have some much from the heart.


Environmental protection inspectors are a major institutional arrangement of the CPC central committee and the state council to promote the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection. In 2017, the central environmental protection inspector will seamlessly cover the 31 provinces and municipalities in China, and promote the implementation of environmental responsibility by local governments. At present, the supervision work is still being carried out in an orderly manner throughout the country, and it will be hard to punish the most environmental violations, and hold the responsible person accountable. This high-level environmental monitoring action shows that the central government attaches great importance to environmental protection work and forms a long-term high-pressure situation for environmental violations. Although there will be some improvement in environmental pollution caused by more or less under high pressure, pollution prevention will be promoted in the long term and cannot rely on the power of environmental inspectors alone. How to further consolidate this supervision effect, so as to form a long-term mechanism is the most important. Environmental supervision is continuing, the concept of green development is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. How will the work of environmental governance be carried out in 2018? We need to work together.


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the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China


In October 2017, the 19th congress was held in Beijing, held a party's 19 major is "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", the full implementation of our country to build a well-off society in an all-round way in a very important meeting, was a great event in the party's political life, wedding. All walks of life are actively in their own way to welcome the arrival of the 19th, printing industry is no exception.


During the 19th century, the printing industry not only actively organized related activities, but also exhibited the red printing exhibition and theme book exhibition. In the meantime, the printing company also actively serves the 19 working meetings to ensure the printing of the documents and related documents of the 19th congress. After the 19th century, the printing enterprises in all parts of the country were printing to ensure that the key publications could be delivered to the readers in the first time. Behind these security has a printing people day and night in the front line of production, efforts and hard, but for the sake of these spiritual food into the hands of readers, accurately and rapidly printing people still is.


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World skills competition


Shanghai won the right to host the 46th world skills competition in 2021 on October 13, 2017, at the world skills organization conference in ABU dhabi, united Arab emirates. The world skills competition, known as the "world skills Olympics", will be held in China for the first time. Are you aware of the efforts and persistence of the printing press in the country?


In 2010 the ministry of human resources and social security on behalf of the Chinese delegation attended the world skills organization (WorldSkills International) in 2010, the world organization for skills conference convened in Jamaica, voted by government on October 7, China officially joined the world organization for skills. In October 2011, China's first group took part in the 41st world skills contest held in London, United Kingdom, the competition from more than 50 countries and regions of about one thousand contestants to participate in the tournament, participated in the 46 projects. The printing press has participated in the printing media technology project for many years, and has achieved excellent results, showing the charm of Chinese printing on the world stage. The 46th world skills contest image ambassador, the 43rd world skills contest print media technology project silver medalist shu-ping zhang, Shanghai publishing college student Xiao Dafei, representing China in Shanghai, also made a bid speech presentation, with excellent speech and strength, every power Shanghai successfully hosting the 46th world skills contest, will printing skills contest the indissoluble bond continuation of human beings and the world ~


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Discharge permit


VOCs is imposed from the discharge to the implementation of discharge permit, to January 1, 2018 formally introduced green taxes, environmental governance issues from all walks of life are experiencing hard test, printing industry is no exception.


Deepening discharge permit system, build accord with the actual situation of the city sewage license management system, the implementation of enterprises environmental protection main body responsibility, organic link the environmental management system, to 2020, covering all the stationary sources of emission permits issued by the work done. According to introducing, the new emission permits to connect and integrate the eia, the total amount control, pollution charges, environmental statistics and environmental standard management system, standardize the environmental law enforcement and environmental monitoring, to strengthen the information disclosure, realize the environmental protection "YiZhengShi" management. To this end, the new emission permits also become the enterprise "identity card". To the printing industry, in addition to the packaging decoration printing, publications printing and other printed materials are not included in the discharge permit management scope, the printing and packaging enterprises can be said to be a sigh of relief. But companies still can't afford to slack off, and green work needs to be done.


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Fedex packing


As electric business platform on network, the convenient advantage of the network shopping, more and more people choose this housebound shopping way, convenience of the impact of the also nots allow to ignore. From the national post office forecast shows that during the period of "double a" this year, the national express business volume is expected to more than 1.5 billion, with the average length of 0.2 meters per parcel to conservative calculations, if put these boxes together, the distance will be more than 300000 kilometers, close to the distance from the earth to the moon, and half to seven times around the earth.


The severity of the problem has been particularly acute in 2017, with the proliferation of online shopping at various festivals prompting industry calls for faster implementation of green packaging policies. To this end, in November 2017, the national post office, the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry, environmental protection, such as 10 ministries jointly issued the "on green packaging. We express industry work guidance", proposed by 2020 of green packaging material application of biodegradable ratio to 50%, and the basic build special Courier packages recycling system. Packaging garbage problem in 2017 with the paper prices soaring, can say is for printing and packaging industry has brought a certain degree of influence, and even appeared "a case is hard to find" dilemma, as relevant policy standard come on stage, hope in the New Year, this phenomenon can be improved.


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Intelligent printing plant


After the "made in China 2025" strategy, the printing and packaging enterprises are faced with huge transformation pressure, and the time is urgent, cannot wait, must seek breakthrough. In 2017, the smart printing factory has become the only way for the printing industry to become intelligent, digital and green, and realize the transformation and upgrading. It is also one of the main goals of many printing enterprises, which is to improve the intelligent automation level of enterprises and establish an intelligent printing system for enterprises.


Mobile Internet technology, information technology, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, collaboration, robots, 3 d printing, predictive maintenance, the rapid rise of emerging technologies such as machine vision for the enterprise implementation of intelligent manufacturing, promoting the construction of intelligent factory provides a good technical support. Moreover, China's printing enterprises have made great progress in the stability and reliability of equipment, and are fully capable of building intelligent printing factories. With the introduction of "made in China 2025" strategy and the trend of artificial intelligence, in the future, enterprises will lose market competitiveness if there is no real action in smart factories. National ministry of industry and, starting in 2015 pushing forward the construction of the demonstration base of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory after two years of exploration, gradually into the rapid advance in 2017, the ministry and local governments have issued policy, we will vigorously support. More and more large and medium-sized enterprises in various industries have embarked on the journey of intelligent factory construction, and the printing and packaging enterprises should also take this transformation train. In 2017, the printing industry also has a large number of enterprises to start the new direction of intelligent development, hoping to make effective progress in the New Year.


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the Belt and Road


The proposal of "One Belt And One Road" is a new platform for international cooperation, which meets the common needs of countries along the belt and road and opens a new window of opportunity for the complementarity and openness of countries along the routes. The "One Belt And One Road" strategic background has created new opportunities for development in all walks of life, and the printing industry has benefited. Xi jinping stressed general secretary to in-depth industry cooperation, promote the industry development planning and compatible with each other, promote each other, pay special attention to the big project construction, to strengthen international cooperation in production and equipment manufacturing, seize new opportunities to the new industrial revolution, foster new forms, maintain economic growth vigor.


Chinese printing equipment manufacturing is supposed to do well in the construction of One Belt And One Road, which not only can carry out industrial cooperation in depth, but also has great expansion space in education, training and other aspects. Therefore, printing and packaging equipment along the "area" all the way to go out, docking actively, strengthen cooperation, to pull the printing and packaging equipment export, enhance the core competition of the printing and packaging equipment enterprises is of great significance. We can create a huge market for the printing industry through the domestic industrial radiation of One Belt And One Road and even developed countries. To provide printing equipment to the countries along the way, from the end to the high-end development trend. One Belt And One Road has more than 60 countries and relatively weak national strength. Therefore, when they choose the equipment of developed countries and Chinese printing equipment, the high cost performance of Chinese products stands out. It has to be said that One Belt And One Road is a good market opportunity for domestic printing enterprises. The trend of 2017 has already been shown, and the opportunity will be grasped in 2018.


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Used for


China printing technology association since 1986 to set up the used printing technology prize, has been awarded the 14th, 159, including academician wang xuan, called printing made outstanding contribution to the development of the industry elite won the prize. The establishment of the award, in stimulating the general printing technology workers create passion of innovation, leading the industry development of science and technology and comprehensive ability to stimulate independent innovation, promote association played an important role, become the typical representative of social forces to set up the science and technology reward and well-known brands are very popular with the general printing technology workers.


The 14th used printing technology awards selection used total 12 best new artist, respectively is: guang-jie wang, xiao-bin wang, Wang Yuxin, hua-jun wang, Lv Wei, Li Yanfeng, He Xiaohui, John shen, liang-bing Chen, Zheng Jingwei, guo zhiqiang, peng yong. The 12 winners have outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions in their respective fields of expertise. Used as a new era of the spirit of inheritance, 12 winners understand scientific research, management, always adhere to independent innovation, to make a batch of considerable influence and good market prospects of important scientific and technological achievements, some achievements reached the international leading level, effectively promote the printing industry in our country science and technology level of ascension. This is not only the glory of the winners, but also the glory of our printing industry.


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Trade show


At the south China packaging exhibition in March, I learned about the all-embracing of intelligent packaging.


At the Beijing international printing technology exhibition in May, the digital and the traditional complement each other and feel the power of integration.


At the Beijing international book fair in August, I read the innovative fusion of publishing and printing, and opened the creative printing house.


Experience digital printing at the Asian international label printing exhibition in December, and feel the infinite charm of label printing.




All say trade show is an indicator of industry development, the printing industry in 2017 is very busy, countless small and large exhibition, the passed out of fresh air to the development of the industry and emerge in endlessly, automation, digital and intelligent... The trend shows that the printing industry in 2018 will stand in a new starting point and see higher and further.


If you were asked to describe the year in which the printing industry had just passed, what would you think of? What do you think is the main tone of the printing industry in 2017? Leave a message to share with everyone! 2018 has been officially opened, let us not forget the original heart, the development of the forward!

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