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What will happen in 2018 when the printing industry is under the shadow of rising prices?

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd


In 2017, as the paper of important raw materials in the printing process continues to rise in the sound of "rising", the price increase is staggering. Today, I will take stock of you. In the past year, besides the paper factory, which equipment and consumables have issued the price increase letter? At the beginning of 2018, what other notice has been issued?


In 2017,


Ashland company - increase the price of pressure sensitive adhesive.


Ashland announced that it would increase the price of its pressure-sensitive adhesive for production and sales in North America. This price increase will affect all orders shipped after November 15, 2017, as well as the contract to be adjusted. The main cause of the increase is the recent increase in the cost of major materials, key raw materials and logistics, which are the result of unpredictable natural disasters. The price change is a response to these factors.


Fuji film - increase offset printing price.


Fujifilm's graphic systems division announced on November 2, 2017 that it will increase the price of its offset printing plate by 8% from December 1, 2017. The rise in prices is the result of higher raw material costs. The main reason is the sharp rise in the cost of raw aluminum, the rise in labor costs and other related costs in the manufacturing industry. Due to the change of market demand, the efficiency of manufacturing is also affected by the traditional printing production.


HP - price increases for printers.


As a result of the tax increase, the imaging giant hewlett-packard Co. announced in 2017 a 15 percent increase in its multi-purpose printer and printer toner products in India. The top retail price for HP's multi-purpose printer is up 8% to 10%, while the top retail price of the cartridge is up 12% to 15%. Since the tax rate for single-function printers has not changed, the price of HP single-function printers remains unchanged.


Warburg ink - increases the price of adhesive products.


Zhejiang huabao ink co., LTD. Issued a price increase on December 21, 2017, and decided to increase the price of adhesive products by 1 yuan per kilogram. Since 2016, all kinds of raw materials have continued to rise. In 2017, the overall price of some chemical raw materials has increased by more than 100% in 2016. With all kinds of irresistible factors, the supply of various raw materials is tight, production costs have risen sharply, and the company has to cope with the pressure by raising prices.


Kodak - to increase the price of some digital printing.


On January 18, 2017, kodak announced that it will increase the price of some kodak digital printing plates in the Chinese market from March 1, 2017, with the price rising between 4% and 6%. "For months, kodak has been taking on increased costs of raw materials and energy. With the increasing pressure of manufacturing cost, it is necessary to deal with the change by improving the price of some plates. "We will continue to invest in research and development to launch new products that will keep our customers competitive," said Brad Kruchten, President of kodak's printing systems division.


The big three titanium white giants - comu, touno and ishihara announced price increases.


As of July 1, 2017, the price of ti-puretm titanium dioxide for all specifications sold in the greater China area will be increased by $200 / ton, comu announced. Special models such as r-960, ts-6200, ts-6300, r-105 and r-108 will increase the price by $300 / ton.


Since July 1, 2017, teno has announced that it will raise the price of all of its titanium dioxide products or meet the requirements of the contract. Asia-pacific region: up to $200 / ton; Australia: up to 270 Australian dollars/ton.


Japan's ishihara announced that it will raise the price of all types of titanium dioxide sold in the asia-pacific region by $250 per tonne starting from July 1, 2017.


Industry insiders predict that in 2018, the supply of titanium dioxide will be tight, and the overall price trend will be volatile, mainly due to environmental factors, and the actual production capacity of titanium dioxide enterprises will be difficult to improve. At the same time, the raw material of titanium dioxide may be tight and the cost is high.


PCB ink manufacturer - raise product price.


Shenzhen let big photographic technology co., LTD., announced that since December 1, 2017 for all products price adjustment: liquid photosensitive solder resist ink price increase 10%, liquid photosensitive ink prices by 10%. The reasons for the increase are mainly due to the continuous inflation of the main raw materials such as resins, initiators, solvents and monomers in recent period, resulting in a sharp increase in the operating costs of the company.


Heyuan chengzhan technology co., ltd. announced that the unit price of all PCB inks will be increased by 10% from December 1, 2017. This price increase is mainly due to the nearly a year, chemical material all the way up, especially the photosensitive materials rising, combined with the environmental problems in some material supplier production or even stop production, due to shortage of supply of goods, cash purchase, at present, the company is in no ability to withstand the pressure.


Wuxi DE bell photoelectric material co., LTD., announced that since December 1, 2017, liquid photosensitive ink lines (photosensitive wet film) rose by 15%, liquid photosensitive anti welding ink rose 5%, other special ink was up 10%. The reason is the impact of environmental protection action, many chemical enterprises are shut down or limited production, resulting in the shortage of ink raw materials and the price continues to rise sharply, seriously affecting the normal operation of the company.


The price increase of PCB ink (printed circuit board) is mainly caused by the price increase of raw materials and the shortage of materials. These two phenomena are not at present. In other words, the rise of PCB ink is probably just the beginning...


In 2018,


After entering 2018, the price momentum appears to have not weakened, and as of today, many suppliers have issued this year's price increase letter. Here are some incomplete statistics. Let's start with:


Shengwei co. - increase the price of packaging ink and glazing oil.


The company announced that it will raise the price of all packaging ink and light oil from February 1, 2018. It said that the high quality raw material costs continue to rise to be the cause of the decision, the material price rising in the past year, have more further growth in the fourth quarter of 2017. Price increases are necessary to ensure that product quality, service and consistency are maintained at a high level.


Camilla - process chemicals announced price increases.


Camilla, the world's leading supplier of chemicals, has announced a 25% increase in the price of its chemical products from January 1, 2018. The price adjustment of the process is mainly affected by the supply of raw materials and energy consumption, as well as the increasing cost of raw materials and finished product logistics.


Solar chemical - announced price increases for soft packaging products.


Sun chemical announced that it will increase the price of liquid ink and coatings applied in its soft packaging market from January 1, 2018, which will cover customers in all regions of the world. Sun chemical pointed out that the production and environmental management strict, especially in China, a series of unexpected force majeure, the key to the rising cost of raw materials, at the same time, oil, solvent and the key to the synthesis of polyurethane resin monomer price is on the rise. In addition, titanium dioxide white pigment supply is still tight, further increase the cost increase.


Flint group - price increases for its packaging ink products.


In a further statement announced in March 2017, flint group said the raw material market for many parts of the packaging ink products had experienced price increases. With the end of 2017, many raw materials markets remain highly volatile. Current forecasts suggest price pressures will not fall as the industry enters 2018. These unique cost pressures have enabled the flint group to discuss the decision of its packaging ink products to be raised globally on January 1, 2018.


The above price information is only small make up the incomplete statistics, summarizes the enterprise the reason about raw material and energy prices, the increase of labor cost and logistics cost, the effect of environmental regulation and market factors, and so on. The impact of these factors will continue in 2018, and prices will not be able to fall back, but as the market mechanism adjusts, it will be a sign of stabilization.

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