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The intelligent age robot walked to the door of the printing factory.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd


Today, in certain professional fields, as long as there are robots, the quality is better than the people, the efficiency is higher than the people, even the work of the difficult go is the same.


There is a company in the United States, RealDoll, which specializes in creating and flirting with your robot, knows about geography, has a better sense of humor than any of your friends, responds more quickly, and will invest in you. Customers can choose not only the external beauty, but also the appearance, texture and pronunciation of the skin. The most important thing is understanding, and RealDoll's knowledge base will keep in mind what you like and don't like.


The babysitter is out of work and we don't have any sense of crisis.


In the past year, alibaba has made nearly 100 billion yuan orders in 24 hours using robot orders and customer service. We just feel that the technology is making progress.


Alibaba's artificial intelligence not only has Tmall magic mirror to help customers draw eyebrows and lipstick, but on the screen, guests will see the effect of their make-up. There is also a fashion brain that provides expert advice on how to dress, instead of just complimenting the "person" who is a beautiful shopper, and we still don't feel threatened.


In case the AD designer loses his job because of the robot, it is not the same in the sense, because whoever designs the advertising copy may affect the direction of the printing order.


Ruban is alibaba artificial intelligent designer, ruban skill is the AD pages apart into several basic parts, using the combination of design and aesthetics knowledge base to a solid AD pages.


Press release from alibaba found that ban at the start of last year's double tenth trial, has made 170 million AD pages, don't even know that isn't a person entrusted by the guests, ruban formal mount guard, this year is expected capacity can reach 400 million AD.


Lu ban has already done hundreds of millions of AD design work, artificial intelligence has affected the design, the robot has walked to the door of the printing plant.


If ruban design manuscript need to be printed, they should have and printing the attachment of the cooperation, the order and file, print production, after the completion of ali's rookie express with the help of Internet.


Four hundred million AD designs are designed, and if there is a need for printing, who can take the order? There is no one in alibaba. You are all robots.


If your printing plant does not have a single computer window, and no "order start production process" production management system, luban wants to give you an order also can not start.


You ask: where did the robot go?


Key words: robot.

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