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Linhang printing take part into the 9th Beijing international printing technology exhibition.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd
The 9th Beijing international printing technology exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2017) was held in Beijing CHINA international exhibition center on May 9-13, 2017. Pilot company as exhibitors, participated in the "4th international printing industry to develop BBS (Forum - PI 2017)", "universal printing union meeting", "Asia printing exhibition union conference" and so on more than peak BBS and technical exchange activities. Beijing international printing technology exhibition, both supply and demand meeting, is also an information exchange meeting, which has a positive impact on building consensus and promoting transformation and upgrading.

Leading the company through this exhibition promotion leading printing brand successfully, to show more than printing works for a number of Chinese and foreign printing experts and friends spoke highly of, many corporate clients in the show reached cooperation intention with pilot company.

After returning from the exhibition, the company leadership organization learning exchange, share their ideas in the exhibition industry: in the era of big data coming, information dissemination of the overall acceleration environment, IT industry, 3 d printing, anti-counterfeiting roots, the emergence of new technology such as intelligent packaging printing industry has brought a great challenge. Although these new technologies will promote the development of the industry to some extent, they will not completely replace traditional printing methods. In the future, the printing mode will become diversified, different users will have different demands, and traditional printing will constantly meet new users' demands in the process of upgrading. From the perspective of the market, a few decades ago, it was mainly published in print. After the 1990s, it was mainly packaging and printing, and now it is entering the new era of commercial printing. Printing as one of China's four great inventions, is one of the important means and tools, spread of civilization will not weaken because of the weakening of a particular carrier, but along with the progress of The Times in different carrier of spreading civilization. Innovation drive, quality priority, green energy saving and service satisfaction are the future orientation of the development of printing industry.

PreSpecial lecture on fire safety.
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