About Linghang Printing Facilities

T&N (Linghang Printing) is the lead printer in South China with business areas covers all paper products in printing & packaging.



Linghang is located in the economically developed Pearl 

River Delta hinterland - Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, 

adjacent to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong , the geographical 

position is extremely advantageous. This make our cost keep be 

competitive on transportation.






With a total floor area of 33000 square feet, our plant is equipped 

with the latest and most advanced international printing machinery 

and technology. Were now hold 9 press machines and more than 

25 post-press machines that allow the plant to produce 300 million 

impressions per year.


     The factory has carried 3 sets output machines which can support a 

     max capacity of 400-500 sets plates daily. And our professional workers 

     can handle various software like Adobe Illustrator, Core-draw, Photoshop, 

     Auto-cad and In-design as well, and they can also help you on any special 

     queries about the color, fonts or links.





The printing plant is holding 9 press machines which support 

1c to 5c color printing, the paper dimensions can achieved 

from 15.5x11 inches to 28.5 x 40 inches.


        Post - Press

     The post-press plants has equipped various auto binding machines 

     which covered finishing, folding, gathering, sewing, casing, punching 

     etc all binding processing. It is very necessary to point out that our 

     casing and sewing machine can handle super large size products.


      Handworking & Packing

We specialize in the production of all kind of handmade

books such as board book, touch & feel book, book with

component/sound module, Pop up book, box set etc....

Our technical team have over 15 years of experience to

produce this type of products.

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