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How to Design Paper Box Packing

Time:2018/1/11Posted:T & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd

As a common form of packing, paper box is widely used in packaging with its advantages of easy folding, easy forming, easy bonding and low cost. Each has its own characteristics in the structural design of paper box packaging, novel design and perfect packaging function, easy to attract consumers' curiosity and desire to buy, therefore, rich individual character of the box packaging design is becoming more and more get of broad consumer love, to cater to the market demand, the manufacturer and packaging design department also pay special attention to the individuation of the box packaging design problems.

1. Tubular box

Plain tube cartons are the most common in daily packing, and they are the folded paper boxes with high morphology, side bonding and open ends. This kind of structure is used in most food, medicine, daily necessities, etc. Personality tube carton structure design is on the basis of common tubular box structure was improved, in the process of forming, lifted the lid and with this requires assembly fixed or sealing in shaking wings folding way, and most of the monomer structure, flanking with sticky mouth. Box model the basic shape of cuboid, on this basis can also be extended to the multilateral body, or through the carton edge, edge and Angle to decorate place, resulting in an eye-catching effect, this innovation makes some common tube type carton coruscate gives new vitality, to the consumer to newness. This innovation can be the change of the overall appearance of the carton, or the change of the local structure of the carton, which is designed to make the whole carton packaging more creative and personal.

2. Disc box

Ordinary disc box structure refers to the facade is low disk type carton, average height is small, open after the goods display surface is larger, the box structure more for packaging textiles, clothing, shoes and hats, food, gifts, handicrafts, etc. The design of the paper box of individual dish form is to make the original monotonous paper box with decorative technique, which makes the appearance of the original paper box rich in artistic aesthetic feeling, and produces a rich change in the form, adding vitality to the packaging. In some certain conditions, in order to strengthen the carton integral aesthetic feeling, smooth add a few additional external decorative component, although there is not much the actual function, it can enhance the appearance of the carton packaging form become more abundant, which adds the personality of the carton packaging, attract the attention of consumers.

On the basis of the ordinary tray type paper box, the design of the individual plate box structure is roughly divided into four types, namely, the continuous interpolation, the cover type (also known as the "sky and earth lid"), the drawer type and the book type.

3. Personalized paper box.

Special personality form on the carton structure is different from the modeling of tube and disc box, is on the basis of ordinary carton structure using the change process, and make full use of the various features and forming characteristics of paper, can create novel and chic appearance form the carton packaging. The presentation of personalized paper boxes varies, mainly including the foreign body type (bionic), open form, display (POP type), portable, hanging type, integrated, easy to open type, and exportation etc.


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