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Digital reading replaces traditional reading, is it a daydream, or is it an arrow?

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd

Digital reading is gaining momentum.


On the eve of this year's national reading day, the Chinese academy of press and publication published the 13th national reading survey. According to the data, in 2015, the contact rate of the digital reading mode of China's adult population continued to rise for seven consecutive years, reaching 64%.


The rapid growth of digital reading has benefited from the rapid development of the Internet in China. China press and publication of the institute for Wei Yushan said that for the first time in 1999 according to the survey, only 3.7% of people use the Internet at that time, the concept of the digital reading is not even feature in the questionnaire. According to the 2015 survey, the national network rate has exceeded 70%.


Computers, mobile phones, e-books, ipads... Various digital reading channels provide readers with unprecedented convenience.


A more "simple" e-book may be one of the indicators of reading trends. Last year alone, amazon sold 3 million Kindle books in China, making it the fastest-growing country in the world.


"The overall number of e-readers in China is second only to that of the United States, and it's going to double at least twice a year." Xiang jun, chief executive of the technology company, believes that.


The popularity of e-readers has also contributed to the popularity of paid reading and promoted the protection of book rights. According to the latest survey, 50.2 percent of people who have been exposed to digital reading have been able to accept paid downloads for reading e-books, and the price they accept has increased year by year.


To this end, the major e-commerce and related websites also launched a variety of ways to develop readers' digital reading habits. Previously, dangdang, according to a report released by the dangdang paper book buyers, 60% of people willing to get free e-books, 20% choose to download free ebooks, 10% of people choose download e-book price buy.


The defense of reading better.


Despite the inevitable trend of digital reading, the quality of digital reading is still patchy and complex.


According to the survey report, "WeChat public number push and friends circle share" accounted for more than half of the total number of digital reading content, nearly 30 percentage points higher than the second "browser website". In terms of gender differences, men chose "news APP", and women chose "WeChat, social APP" and "literature website".


From the data, although readers' reading needs are further diversified, the improvement of information demand is obvious. A wide variety of "news APP" has become a requirement for reading.


On the other hand, readers' reading patience is also an important feature of the change of Chinese national reading behavior. This trend is clearly reflected in the fact that the WeChat public account and the circle of friends share more than half of the data. Researchers have argued that the utilitarian reading beyond human reading, popular reading beyond classic reading, access to information beyond the knowledge acquisition, news attention beyond literary experience, entertainment pursuit beyond theory, is characteristic of the era of digital reading.


Although in the era of digital reading, the reader looks "don't have patience", think "not so deep", but the digital reading also make reading more freedom, more convenient, the reader's spiritual life has also had a greater freedom. Wei yushan believes that digital reading cannot be easily equated with shallow reading. Nowadays, digital content is both derived from traditional publishing and more original content of the Internet, so digital reading, such as mobile reading and online reading, is more abundant than paper reading.


It's too early to sing.


It is an indisputable fact that the traditional paper reading rate of books and periodicals has been unchallenged, and the "traditional reading is dead" has been rampant.


However, the data show that it is far from the time of traditional reading. In adult citizens in China tend to read in the form of a survey found that 57.5% of 2015 adult citizens tend to "take a paper book reading", 10.2% of people are more inclined to "online reading", 27% of the national tend to read "mobile phone", 4.1% of people tend to be "on the electronic reader to read", and 1.2% of the national "used to download and print reading".


In fact, paper books and e-books are gradually forming a transition and compatibility relationship. According to a survey by amazon, 80% of respondents read both paper and e-books, which are complementary to each other.


Correspondingly, the once declining physical bookstore also ushered in the reconstruction and revival. With the return of the bookstore, traditional reading seems to find its own niche in the "crack" of digital reading.


How should we deal with the complex reading situation? Experts believe that, in terms of national individuals, we should set up the "great reading view" of the digital age, and pay attention to leaving space for deep thinking and deep reading. For the government organization, the investment in the cultural education should be increased to provide corresponding countermeasures and measures for the protection of national reading.

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