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knowledge: printing expert how to mix ink?

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd


Ink deployment is also called ink or ink, namely the adjustment in the process of printing ink printing eligibility, or use of pigment the subtractive, modulate the hue with color printing ink printing ink, it is indispensable an important part in the process of printing. Whether the printing ink is appropriate, directly affects the quality of printed matter. In this article, I will share with you the basic principles of ink mixing and several practices.


Basic principles of ink mixing.


1. Strong fade printing


Strong dilution is to indicate that the required ink is slightly thicker than the color sample color, printing is intended to reduce the amount of ink to achieve the color requirements. This is because the ink color ink layer thickness influence is bigger, use the same kind of printing ink to printing, when the ink layer thickness change, the rendered hue changes, especially when using offset printing process printing, restricted by offset printing process, should not be the appropriate ink layer thinner thickness.


Use as little color as possible.


According to the color subtractive method, when mixing the ink, the more color variety, the more dark the ink. Therefore, try to use the least color variety to keep the color of the ink bright. Also, use black ink and white ink. In any ink, adding black ink will make the ink color dark, adding white ink will reduce the ink color saturation.


3. Grasp the changes of color phase before and after drying ink.


The same ink drying before and after the color phase difference is very large, especially screen printing ink. For example, mix a kind of light gray inks, the color that the color that scratches when newly adjusted is met the original color requirement, but when the ink is dry, its color becomes obviously darker. Other colors of ink will appear similar.


To avoid this kind of circumstance, the deployment of ink first lustful sample, sample for color ink dry again after comparing with primary color sample, prevent dry ink color conform to the requirements of the color sample before and after drying of color and its shape, reduce the loss caused by color discrepancy.


4. Mainly


Any kind of ink should be determined according to the primary color according to the primary color, and mainly, add complementary colors until the color meets the original color requirements. If the light gray ink, should be mainly white ink, then add a small amount of black ink to form a light gray ink. In the case of dark grey ink, black ink should be the main, and a small amount of white ink to form a dark gray ink. In the actual work, it is necessary to analyze the composition of the original color ink color according to the specific situation, determine the main and auxiliary relationship of the ink, and make the allocation according to the principle of "multi-priority".


Ink deployment of several methods.


1. Adjustment of ink printing adaptability.


Fluidity and drying speed are two main properties of ink. Special attention should be paid to ink mixing.


(1) ink fluidity.


The substrate is different, the ink liquidity requirements are also different. Such as a primary color ink, printing on the double coated paper, its liquidity conform to the requirements of the printing, and printed in offset paper, you need to increase the mobility of ink, to adapt to the offset paper printing eligibility. In general, smooth surface and low penetration of substrates, printing ink liquidity is smaller, and the capability of rough surface, seepage of substrates, for printing ink liquidity.


(2) drying speed of ink.


The drying of ordinary ink is mainly achieved through volatilization, osmosis and surface oxidation conjunctival. These three methods are affected by the temperature and humidity of the printing environment. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the change of temperature and humidity in printing environment when adjusting the drying rate of ink.


2. Blending of gold ink and spot color ink.


Gold ink and spot color ink are two special inks, the deployment method is different from ordinary ink, it needs special attention.


(1) deployment of gold ink.


The preparation of the offset printing ink.


Offset printing ink is divided into green and red gold. Usually, the offset printing ink does not need to be prepared, and can be printed directly with the original ink. If you need to change the color of the offset printing ink, you can add a small amount of other color ink to change the color of the offset printing ink, but not affect the printing quality of offset printing ink. For example, if the color is not bright enough after printing, the printed matter will look bleak. If a small amount of yellow ink is added to the green light gold, the brightness of the blue light will be increased. It is worth noting that the addition of other color ink must be less, otherwise it is easy to adjust to fake gold ink and lose the color of gold ink.


The deployment of inking ink.


There are many kinds of printing ink, which can be more selective. In general, directly select the original color screen printing ink. When the screen printing ink color needs to fine tune, in the original color screen printing ink to add a small amount of required color, but the choice of color must be appropriate. Such as the need for shallow gold ink color, can add silver in screen printing gold ink color ink, also can add white ink, but joined the white ink deployment of gold ink can give a person a sense of "false", it is best not to use white ink. In addition to the above methods, the gold ink of different hue can be prepared by using golden oil and silver powder.


(2) deployment of spot color ink.


In the process of special color proofing or color printing, ink transfer personnel should be based on years of experience in the preparation of spot color ink. If the transfer of ink personnel is not qualified, it will cause the ink to be adjusted ink or ink on the printing machine to find out that the color phase is not needed to be redeployed. Again because of the color ink on offset paper dry back there is a big change, and different color is the color of the ink changes there are considerable differences in their values, on the basis of the original need to continue to adjust, grope for dry retreat change rule, so we should fully understand of the color of the ink mixing technology, in case the quality accidents caused by simply by experience, printing ink waste, repeated labor, delay the construction period and other unnecessary trouble.


Use a computer color system.


After understanding the basic principle of printing ink, in order to complete the printing of products with high color requirements, we need to use advanced computer color matching system to match colors to meet customer acceptance criteria. Nowadays, customers no longer rely on the sense of the naked eye to judge whether the printed matter is qualified, but according to the Lab standard value of a given color block or color bar, and the color difference value range is not more than 1.5. Customer acceptance requirements obviously can't meet with the experience of the teacher, but must use specialized equipment to print color piece and color measurement, so you have to do formula of digital ink and ink color matching of automation.


Printing enterprises need to choose the computer matching system according to their own business characteristics. This paper introduces the practical usage of the color scheme of computer. Usually, the company will use the commonly used ink to refine, including ink color mainly yellow, product, green, black, green, orange, deep blue, magenta and so on. According to the experimental data, the small and stable ink is selected as the composition of color ink. After received customer demand for color sample color, first of all with love lili spectrophotometer to measure color of paper color input to color matching system, then the standard numerical input color matching system, the system will automatically analysis several groups of color scheme. According to the color scheme given by the system, the color sample is presented on the substrate with the help of the display color instrument, and then the Lab value is measured and adjusted within the standard color range. After the result is qualified, according to the formula to match the ink, for the actual production of batch proofing.


Due to show color meter appears in the printing of printing color in the color and the actual production there is a certain gap, so the ink staff will measure equipment production of color piece or color of the Lab values, and find out the change law of complementary color correction using computer color matching system, and then use the computer production, qualified after the color data for storage, so that the call when mass production in the future.


In short, the deployment of ink, the operator need not only in practice gradually grope for the deployment of ink method and experience, better to use the advanced instruments and equipment, which can not only improve the production efficiency, also can bring economic benefits to the enterprise.

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