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Printing paper type and industry term explanation.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd


1. The belt


It includes double pressure sensitive adhesive tape, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, advanced double-sided tape, sealing tape, adhesive tape and paper adhesive tape.


2. The core


Including paper core, corrugated core paper, paper tube core, spiral paper drum core.


3. The cardboard


It is commonly known as cardboard that is more than 0.1 mm thick. It is divided into four categories: packaging board, industrial board, building board, printing and decoration board. The general quantity is less than 225 grams per square metre is considered to be paper, the quantitative 225 g/m2 or above is considered to be cardboard.


4. The paper barrel


Including paper barrel, paper tube, paper tube core, spiral paper tube.


5. Sheet of paper


Also called cardboard.


6. Paper cups


It is a kind of cup liquid packaging container with cold and hot drinks and fast food cup.


7. The paper


According to the bag edge, the bottom and the back cover are different, there are four kinds of paper bag type, such as open seam bottom bag, opening adhesive corner bag, valve type suture bag, valve type flat hexagonal end adhesive bag, etc. Use more than four layers of kraft paper bag, packaging cement, fertilizer and other products. According to the properties of the package, different paper bag types are adopted. Other paper bags: including cement bags, feed bags, waxed paper bags, fertilizer bags, polyfilm paper bags, four-layer paper bags, medicine bags.


8. The carton


Carton packaging is to a large extent with its exquisite shape and decoration to promote the beautification of goods, and improve the competitiveness of commodities. Due to the shape and structure of the carton design often is to determine the shape of the packaged goods characteristics, so its a lot of styles and types, a rectangle, square, multilateral type, paper box, cylindrical, etc., but the manufacturing process is basically the same, namely choose materials, design ICONS - manufacturing template - punching - synthetic box.


9. The paper


Used for wrapping paper, high strength, low moisture content, low permeability, no corrosion. The paper used for food packaging also requires hygienic, sterile and non-polluting impurities. Packing paper kraft paper, skin paper, paper bags, paper, parchment, cellophane paper, kraft paper, moistureproof wrapping paper, gunpowder, neutral wrapping paper, translucent paper, rust-proof paper, greaseproof paper, food wrapping paper, waxed paper, tea bag paper, paper, vacuum aluminum plating paper red lightning gun, etc.


10. Coated paper


Pigments, adhesives and auxiliary material, coating, is the special equipment for coating on the surface board, after drying, pressure light on paper to form a layer of bright and clean, the density of coating on the surface properties and good performance of coated printing. Used in cigarette boxes, labels, cartons, etc.


11. Offset paper


Mainly single offset printing paper. The paper surface is white and smooth, but the whiteness, compactness and smoothness are lower than the coated paper. Super - pressed offset paper, its smoothness, compactness is better than ordinary laminated paper, printed on the text, can be papered with yellow board paper box.


12. The label paper


The paper is white and has good printing performance. It is used to make trademark logo.


Kraft is 13.


Including box board paper, cement bag paper, high strength corrugated paper, tea color board. Kraft paper is made from coniferous wood sulfate this paste texture tenacity, strength and high strength wrapping paper, yellowish-brown paper can be divided into the single side, double side light from the appearance, have stripes, no stripes and other varieties, quality is slightly different. Kraft is mainly used in the production of small paper bags, file bags and industrial products, textiles, daily provisions of the packaging. Kraft paper is divided into U, A and B3 grades.


14. Corrugated paper


Corrugated paper is compressed into corrugated shape in the process of production, it will provide paperboard elasticity, flat compression strength, and influence the vertical compression strength. Corrugated paper, the paper surface is flat, the thickness should be consistent, can not have the paper disease such as wrinkle, tear and hole, otherwise increase the failure of the production process, affecting the product quality.


15. A paper bag paper


Sack kraft paper is similar to the kraft paper, mostly with coniferous wood sulfate pulp production, domestic also have mixed with some bamboo pulp, cotton stalk pulp, rag, so the paper paper, high mechanical strength, commonly used to make the packing bag of cement, pesticide, fertilizer and other industrial products. In order to meet the requirements of filling, paper bag paper requires a certain air permeability and large elongation.


16. Cellophane


Cellophane is a widely used inner lining paper and decorative wrapping paper. Its transparency enables people to have a clear view of the internal goods, and the surface coating can be protected against moisture, moisture, gas, heat sealing and other properties. Compared with ordinary plastic film, it has the advantages of no static electricity, dustproof and good kinking. Cellophane is white, color and so on.


17. White cardboard


It's a flat piece of paper with a smooth surface and a strong texture.


18. The white paper board


White paper plate is divided into double white paper board and single white paper board, double-sided paper board is only used when used in high-grade goods packaging, general cartons mostly use single white paper board, such as cigarettes, cosmetics, medicines, food, stationery and other commodities bottle.


19. The composite paper


The paper and paperboard are combined with other plastics, aluminum foil and cloth to get the composite processing paper. Composite processing paper can not only improve the appearance of the paper and board properties and strength, the main is to improve the waterproof, moistureproof, oil resistant, airtight cover incense, such as performance, at the same time also will obtain the heat sealing, light resistance, heat resistance, etc. The methods of producing composite paper include wet method, dry method, thermal fusion and extrusion compound.


20. Printing paper


A piece of paper for printing. It can be divided into: newsprint, book paper, cover paper, securities paper, etc. According to the printing method can be divided into relief printing paper, gravure printing paper, offset printing paper, etc.


21. Color printing paper


Mainly including color printing carton, color printing carton.


22. The moistureproof paper


It is a wrapping paper made of asphalt between two layers of original paper. It is mainly used for packing cigarette moistureproof, and also can be used as fruit packing. Moistureproof paper has certain moisture capacity, its minimum moisture rate above 15% and uniform good moistureproof paper coating, adhesive and firm, not to take off the paper layer crack and asphalt penetration phenomenon, heat is not lower than 85 degrees, should not have bad smell, so as not to affect the quality of cigarette, but has not used the paper cigarette.


23. The paper products


Including paper products, paper products printing, paper products packaging machinery, paper products processing, packaging paper products.


24. The box


Including medicine packaging box, silk packaging box, color gift packaging box, roof type milk packaging box, paper plastic color packaging box.


25. The thin corrugated


Also known as E type corrugated board is thin, good, generally used in making cartons for sales packaging; Also can use E - type corrugated board as ampoule buffer paper.


26. The strawboards


Strawboards also called straw board, yellow color, mainly used as ordinary shoes the carton packaging, metal products and some cheap goods, cover with a layer of printed label paper, also used for packing such as clothing and knitwear. The raw materials for the production of yellow cardboard are 100% natural lime straw pulp or wheat straw pulp and waste paper.


27 cases of cardboard


Boxes of cardboard used to make corrugated board surface, made it is carton box after box, so the carton board with high pressure, folding, tensile resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to puncture strength performance and resistance to water, such as paper strength and toughness, but also must have good appearance performance and optimum performance.


28. The shopping bag


Including paper shopping bag, set with handle. Shopping bags you want intensity is high, you must print, generally made from kraft paper, outside the handle with stiffener, also has high quantitative art coated paper (coated offset paper), the color printing packaging after beautiful and easy, can be used repeatedly.


29. The compound bag


Use a multi-layer paper bag to prevent moisture and add plastic film or asphalt moisture-proof paper to the middle of the paper bag.


30. Cement bag


Includes compound cement bag, plastic cement bag, cement bag paper.


31. The adhesive tape


It is based on the material of paper, cloth, plastic film, then put the wet adhesive evenly coated on the substrate made from paper tape, cloth tape, thermal adhesive tape, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, is by the base material, adhesive, stripping agent of three parts.


32. Composite cans


Composite tank is a new kind of packaging product which has developed rapidly in recent years. It with cardboard, plastic, aluminum foil in a certain way around made into cylinder, then sealing metal or plastic cover, made good barrier property, water resistant oil resistant composite cans, widely used in food, grease and paste, liquid packaging materials, and substitute metal, glass, cans, waste disposal, at the same time reduce the packaging cost.


33. Pulp molding.


Includes egg tray, fruit tray. It is a waste paper as raw material, add some chemicals, according to different purposes, and then produce a variety of products, in the shape of a used as eggs, fruit, precision devices, easy to break the fragile glass, ceramics, handicraft packing liner, has the good buffer protection performance. The production of pulp moulding technology is very fast. The basic process is the preparation of slurry, molding and drying.


34. Adhesive paper.


The paper with high intensity of white paper, coated with adhesive and become adhesive paper. Use: adhesive paper printing trade mark, label.


35. Color packaging


The colors include color packaging paper box, corrugated color packaging, paper plastic color packaging box, etc.


36. Glass paper.


It's a flat piece of paper. It's shiny on both sides.


37. Aluminum foil backing paper.


Aluminum foil lining: includes vacuum aluminized paper. Combine paper and aluminum foil with adhesive to make lining paper. Used in cigarette, candy and other packaging.


38. Corrugated box.


Corrugated cardboard is made of corrugated cardboard box made of die cutting, indentation, nail box or sticky box. Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products, the dosage has always been the top of various packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated box.


39. Corrugated board.


Including honeycomb cardboard. After the thick paper is processed into corrugated shape, the paper is made of corrugated board.


40. Other paper packages.


Including the ammonites box, computer paper, transparent paper packing, cooler, transportation, fertilizer bags, adhesive paper, wood pulp, water color printing paper, cigarette paper, paper materials and paper-plastic packaging products, plastic board, silk box, injection box packaging, deduction, pharmaceutical packaging, kraft paper, tissue paper, tin lock packing, paohuajian, hemp and packaging products, plastic covers, case matching, clothing plate, brown paper bag


41. Paper packaging products.


Mainly including cartons, cartons, paper bags, etc.


Fine corrugated paper box.


The paper boxes made out of D and E corrugated are called fine corrugated boxes.


43. Measurement of paper.


1) paper specifications.


What are the specifications of the paper?


There are two kinds of specifications: large and positive.


What is big paper?


Specification 889*1193(mm) is large paper.


What is positive paper?


Specification 787*1092(mm) is positive paper.


How to calculate the number of pages?


Fold the whole paper in half, fold the paper in half and fold it in four, and so on. Sixty-four... . In the same way, divide the whole paper into three pieces, three open and three halves, and then twelve. Ninety-six... .


Paper measurement


What is a web?


Roll the whole piece of paper into a tube.


How many sheets of paper?


One order is 500 pieces of paper. (some countries make 1,000 sheets of paper.)


How is volume and order converted?


Usually a volume is about 10 orders.


What is the thickness of the paper?


Gram weight. (more grams, thicker paper)


What does gram mean?


Grams represent the weight of a piece of paper per square meter.

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