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Common sense: printing industry paper parameter standard.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd


1. Quotation formula and skills:


(1). Carefully observe customer strength and print samples of customers.


(2). Carefully measure the sample size and paper and various seals.


(3) calculate the cost and profit in detail with the calculator.


(4). The quotation is in pun, and the price is not high (indicating that the price is lower than that of the customer).


(5). Bargaining refers to the reason and evidence that the offer is negotiated with the customer.


For example: choose paper size, paper good and bad, film domestic and imported, brush quality, time of delivery, choose machine printing and other advanced. Good conditions for the other side to accept your offer.


(6) demeanor: sophisticated. Generous. Honest. Responsible.


(7). Language and spirit: polite, civilized. First laugh, then speak.


2. Unit of paper:


A: the weight of one square metre (length x width = 2)=g is weight.


B. Order: 500 sheets of paper: order (factory specifications)


C. Ton: 1 ton =1000 kg as usual, used for paper price.


3. Specifications and name of paper:


A. The most common four types of paper are:


(1). Positive paper: 109.2 cm long and 78.7 cm wide.


(2). Large scale paper: 119.4cm long and 88.9 cm wide.


(3). Adhesive: 765 cm long and 535 cm wide.


(4). Carbonless paper: specifications with positive and large dimensions, but with paper. Paper, paper, paper price difference (see paper price classification).


B. The most common name of paper:


(1). Copy paper: 17g positive specification: used for VAT tickets, gift packaging, generally pure white.


(2). Typing paper: 28g positive specification: for the form, form, seven colors: white, red, yellow, blue, green, pale green, purple.


(3). Light paper: 35-40g positive specification: light on one side, used for joint list, forms, notes, printing paper for low grade.


(4). Writing paper: 50-100g magnum. Both are available for low-grade printed matter, with the most domestic paper.


(5). Double adhesive paper: 60-180g large degree. Positive degrees are available for medium - grade printed matter. Joint ventures and imports are common.


(6). Newsprint: 55-60g roller paper. Positive paper. Newspaper selection.


(7). Carbon-free paper:


40-150g magnum. Both positive and negative, with direct copy function.


The paper price is different, there are seven colors, often used in the form.


(8). Coated paper:


A. Double copper 80-400g positive. Large scale is available for high-grade printed matter.


B. Single copper: for carton. Carton. Hand in hand bag. Medicine box, etc. High-grade printing.


(9) paper: 105-400g for elegant view. High-grade color printing.


(10). Grey base white plate: 200g above, white bottom ash, used for packing.


(11). White card: 200g, double-sided white, used in middle class packaging.


(12). Kraft paper: 60-200g, for packaging. Carton. File bag. File bag. Envelope.


(13) special paper: commonly used in imported paper, mainly used for cover, decoration, handicrafts, fine print, etc.

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