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A brief introduction of several kinds of bronzing methods.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd



Multi-station pressed flat hot stamping: some models have two location of hot stamping unit, such as Japan Shiki SMHC - 45 - MWL label making machine, its a unit near the plate, complete transverse bronzing, another unit of the independent unit, complete vertical hot stamping. This machine can be used for double color bronzing.


The label machine is flat pressing and stamping: the printing press, whether flat or round, is flat, and because of the intermittent feeding of the roll paper, all the stamping is made of flat pressing. In general, the stamping work is an independent unit, and there are some models that share one unit with the die cutting, which is used separately.


Rotary press round rotary stamping: round pressing round gold plate for the roller, stamping with press roller contact, to achieve a hot stamping. The round press is suitable for use in the wheel transition label of continuous paper transmission, but it has a certain requirement on the paper speed, which means it has influence on the printing speed. However, relative to flat pressing and stamping, it greatly improves the efficiency. The rotary stamping roller is high cost, so it is only suitable for long printing.


Processing machine flat stamping: the processing machine is specially designed for the printing of the label and the label without printing. The stamping is a function of the processing machine, the stamping device on the machine is generally adopted flat pressing, its working principle and the above label.


Cold stamping on rotary press: this is a new kind of stamping process. Instead of using the hot metal printing plate, it USES the printing adhesive method to transfer the metal foil and realize the stamping. Technological process is: in the position of the printing quality need to bronzing first printed on UV pressure-sensitive adhesive, UV airer to make glue dry, and then use special metal foil with pressure sensitive adhesive composite, stripping metal foil, and metal foil need to transfer to transfer part of the print on the surface, realize the cold gold. Cold stamping process cost is low, energy saving, high production efficiency, available equipment parts, no additional equipment, is a very promising new technology.




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