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Special lecture on fire safety.

Time2018/1/11PostedT & N Industrial / Foshan Linghang Colour Printing Co.,Ltd

In order to further improve the fire safety work, the Linhang Printing has conducted training on fire safety training. Fire safety expert li baocai was invited to the pilot company for teaching and guidance, and the staff of the company participated in the training and exercise. The training, fire experts in combination with the national major fire accident happened in recent years, adopt the method of images and video showing a vivid analysis of fire causes, harm, introduces the methods to prevent the fire. The experts demonstrated the use methods and techniques of fire fighting equipment, and the staff and staff carefully watched and listened carefully and actively participated in the exercise. Through this fire safety training and drill, the fire safety awareness and fire emergency handling capacity of all staff have been further improved.

Company leadership said, later will, as always, highly responsible for the company and the employee life and property security, strengthening the fire safety awareness of employee, constantly increase the intensity of fire safety work, persistence pays special attention to the fire safety work, to eliminate fire safety hidden trouble, put an end to the fire accident happened, development for the company to provide a strong security.

PreLinhang company celebrate the 68th anniversary of National Day.
PreLinhang printing take part into the 9th Beijing international printing technology exhibition.
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