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European scholars appeal: pay attention to the reading of paper literature books.

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With the popularity of e-readers and smart phones, more and more people are using electronic devices to browse news and read the latest best sellers. Such devices are changing people's reading habits and their relationships with books. Although many newspapers have achieved digital transformation, some even only online, print books still show unexpected resilience. Italy verona at the university of foreign languages and literature at trainer Massimo Selma gallo (Massimo Salgaro) and Leiden university humanities college senior lecturer Adrian Fan Dewei er (Adriaan van der Weel) common net post said in the conversation, reading paper literature books can bring many positive effects, should be advocated.


It helps to set the right values.


It says a whole generation of teenagers has grown up with the Internet, and they know new technologies and are happy to use new communications technology products. But while the experience of new technology brings convenience, these so-called "digital natives" also face unique problems. In Italy, psychological studies have found that teenagers who rely too much on smartphones are less self-possessed and less happy than their predecessors. They face new social anxiety and are more likely to be misled by some of the comments on the Internet. Although electronic products should not be blamed for all the problems, their network features are more likely to distract people from the habit of deep or immersive reading. Reading literature books can help people deal with related problems.


Selgaro says reading can help people relax and relieve stress. The United States at the university of rochester researchers did a study about the "lonely", they will lonely is defined as "over a period of time, alone will not be able to use any device, can't communicate with people, interaction, and is not subject to external stimulation". Under the research project of one experiment, the researchers provides participants with a simple paper leisure reading, the results show that compared with the state when didn't get books, reading the books to make people more relaxed and calm. At the same time, their ability to adapt to the external environment and coping with social pressure also improved. This may explain why now there are still many people willing to read paper books, because it was found that paper books than electronic devices can let them relax more, can give them reserve more thinking space.


If reading is good for people, then the benefits of reading books will be greater. Recently, some scholars have found new evidence that reading literature can have a positive impact on people's social skills, empathy and social cognition. The more people who read novels, the higher their scores on a test of empathy, no matter what type of novel. After reading novels about specific groups, prejudice or discrimination against such groups will decrease. It can be said that good literary works can help people set up correct values and help people to avoid the hostility and apathy caused by prejudice.


Enhance cultural heritage


Claude Poissenot, a lecturer at the university of lorraine in France, told the newspaper that literary works can be homes for people's thoughts and emotions. A particular literary work can be a powerful mnemonic, closely tied to a time or place in which people experience themselves. Readers of paper books are more deeply involved, while those who use digital tools are more inclined to browse.


Literary books are part of the spread of culture, he argues. People can pass a specific way of thinking, writing and reading through books. When it comes to communication, it involves both the communicator and the receiver. In order to pass the good habit of reading to adolescents, encourage them to read paper books, need a good communicator, which requires the teacher, parents, and have the ability to understand the importance of reading. Also, avoid forcing teenagers to read.


In order to adapt to the digital age, it is necessary to encourage people to read literary books and to reform the teaching methods of literature, van der veer said. Although the text and authority-oriented approach still dominates the teaching of European schools, in fact, the emphasis should be placed on the audience of texts, such as students. They suggest, the teachers in the school teaching activities related to literature, listen to the opinions of the students, and more understand the be fond of of students, help students to choose the appropriate books, trigger students' interest in reading literature. Let literary works have a greater impact on teenagers and help them in their social life and personal development.


But to encourage people to read paper books does not mean that against reading through the electronic products, but to adjust the tool to meet the needs of the people, and make reading become a profound social and cultural habits, part of the continuous development.

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